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November 30, 2022

Let's simplify your trading

Forex is really very simple, don't complicate matters further, because in forex trading there is only 1 of 2 options: Up or down, that's all.

Of course, the forex market is full of information, we need to learn a lot of professional knowledge, we also need to continuously practice and improve our abilities every day.

But, in the end, the problem is summed up very simply, it is simpler than what you and I have ever thought about, which is:

- Trading results only win or lose.

- The trading system you build can only be true or false.

- The market, or more specifically the price, can only increase or decrease.

- You can only choose to buy or sell.

So, let's simplify your trading! Stop complicating matters further.

Of course, this advice is only for traders who are having problems, or in other words are losing money.

Because, in forex trading there is an old saying: If the results are going well, you should not change anything.

And if you want to change a bad outcome but you keep the same old way of doing things, the same old habits, or the same old mindsets and attitudes, that's not possible.

So, suggestions when you want to simplify your trading and improve your trading results include:

- Always observe the market with a forecast that is the choice of 1 of 2 possibilities: Up or down.

- Try to use probabilistic method in trading, initially based on your own experience. Over time, trade only if the forecast probability is the highest, in case the forecast probability is low, ignore the signal.

- The forex market has existed for a long time, if you do not trade today, there are still many opportunities tomorrow. So, when the signal is not clear, staying out of the market, then going for a walk or having coffee with friends is a great idea.

- The forex market is not short of money so you can take it, the question is whether you can afford it or not. So don't try to control the whole market. Instead, just being able to predict the price up or down - in a short segment of the market - at certain times, that is more than enough.

- When analyzing if you have a problem and it is difficult to make a prediction, remember 1 of 2 options: Change the mindset to simplify the problem, the price can only go up or down; or simply stand outside the market and observe it like looking at a picture, without any order status.

- When using technical indicators, you also use it in the simplest way, you can use it in a special way, you don't have to be like anyone else, as long as it works for you, you win and you have money, that's enough.

- Finally, remember, the majority of traders in the forex market lose. So try to separate from the crowd. Go your own way, you will succeed.

Good luck.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

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