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About CaPhiLe.Com

3/01/2023 08:04:00 AM
CaPhiLe.Com   is a Blog sharing knowledge and experience in the field of foreign currency investment (forex) by the main method of Technical...



1/11/2023 03:32:00 PM
CaPhiLe.Com Blog about Forex and technical analysis. Email: Facebook: Twitter: ...


Terms and Conditions

11/14/2022 02:30:00 AM
Terms and Conditions The following description of Terms of Use, henceforth “Terms and Conditions”, govern the usage of CaPhiLe.Com, hereinaf...

Privacy Policy

11/14/2022 02:29:00 AM
Your privacy is important. We have created this Privacy Policy so you can understand your rights as an CaPhiLe.Com website user.  We may int...

Risk Disclaimer

11/14/2022 02:28:00 AM
Any and all liability for risks resulting from investment transactions or other asset dispositions carried out by the customer based on info...

Risk Warning

11/14/2022 02:27:00 AM
Identify the Risks High Risk Investment Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all inve...