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November 20, 2022

Forex holy grail - where are you?

The Forex Holy Grail is a goal that traders diligently search for day by day, month by month, year by year... sometimes even in a lifetime. So, does the Forex Holy Grail really exist?

Forex Holy Grail is a perfect forex trading system, a "kung fu secret" to win anywhere, hit the target, enter the order and win. If having the Forex Holy Grail in hand is like having a rare treasure, it will turn the Forex market into a true money printing machine, just use the Holy Grail daily to enter orders and take money gently, without spending a bit what sweat.

The prospect of owning the Forex Holy Grail has prompted traders to search diligently, scour the forex forums, request a lot of experts in the forex trading profession, even without hesitation to spend a lot of money to buy trading robots or buy unsuitable training courses. And in the end get unexpected results, or gain insignificant knowledge, or continue to search, even disappointed, that give up the forex market.

I also went through the journey to find the forex holy grail, and tasted all the same emotions as traders have.

And today, with all my heart, I affirm that the forex holy grail is within every trader. Everyone has their own holy grail, it's not the same, you too, it's really a trading system that can bring your own success, the problem is that you have enough patience to find it and know how to use it or not.

The process of "unearthing" the Forex Holy Grail within each trader himself consists of the following steps (for technical analysis believers only):

- Study seriously and grasp the basics of Forex as well as the knowledge of Technical Analysis.

- Learn more about technical indicators, patterns, core issues in technical analysis (such as trend, resistance, support, volume, wave...). Useful knowledge, the more you know, the better.

- Among the treasures of knowledge that you already know, choose the few that you find most suitable for you, the most suitable for you is the one that you love + that has brought you the most winning trades, has You can call it your forte. Remember, just choose a few things, in my opinion you should choose a maximum of 3, there are people who only need 1 "thing" to be successful, and I have met them.

- If the things you choose are technical indicators, try to integrate it with 4 elements: TREND + TECHNICAL LEVEL + VOLUME + MULTI-TIME FRAME. Of course, if your options include these factors, without resorting to technical indicators, that's fine, because the most important things are your forte.

- Next, choose a trading style that suits you: Follow trend or counter trend.

- Finally, practice the trading system that you have created, actively practice continuously, non-stop. Only use that system, with absolute confidence it will become the Holy Grail, only you can create and use it well, no one else but you.

- How to train the trading system is very simple, in just one word "practice": At the end of each trading order, you need to note down the "context" at the time of entering and ordering. Then slowly draw and find out why the trade won, and why it lost. Just keep practicing with this 1 "strategy", but you understand it thoroughly and clearly, I believe it's successful, obviously.

- An important point to note: You and I are not saints, so you don't need to plot the price every time, you have a finite capacity so you only need to predict correctly 1 The short stretch of the market is more than enough. More specifically, you just need to have a few certain "strategy", hit a few certain price zones in the market, and train it well to have success.

HOWEVER: FINAL - MOST IMPORTANT I would say that the forex holy grail is never the true holy grail. My Forex Holy Grail, just like yours, even 1000 years of practice can't be a 100% perfect trading system, it can't be a no-loss trading system. It is very important that you acknowledge this, because it will prevent you from ever entering a trade with a large volume, or a full account. At the same time, it helps you to never be satisfied with yourself, so you should constantly practice every day to make the trading system more and more perfect (always keep in mind the saying "things can always be done better")

In short, what you need to do includes 3 things:

1. Create the best possible trading system.

2. Gradually increase the win rate (constantly practice).

3. Accept the fact, there will be a losing order, and how to minimize it.

Hope you find your true value soon.

Thank you for reading and sharing this article.

Best regards,


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