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October 25, 2023


Gold price forecast October 25, 2023: Up

As usual, we analyze many time frames to get a comprehensive perspective on gold prices.

First, on the 1-day time frame, the price has confirmed a downtrend break, currently the price is conquering the higher resistance levels.

And, obviously, upward price pressure is prevailing.

Next, on the 4-hour time frame, a bullish trend is present. More specifically, yesterday the market had a very clear reaction when the price approached an important support level, expressed through a pair of candles changing color at this price range.

Obviously, a decision to buy or wait for a good price zone to buy is reasonable today - October 25, 2023.

More detailed analysis to confirm the bullish signal of Gold today, at the 1-hour time frame, the uptrend is strong and there is no sign of weakness or reversal.

With the analyzed information, we boldly predict that today will be a bullish day on the Gold chart.

The last important thing is, at what price will we buy, and at what price range should we stop loss & take profit?

Obviously, short-term investors should take profits at the nearest resistance levels in small time frames (H1/ M15...). The stop loss point will depend on the strategy and trading style of each investor.

Good luck.

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